Tea at the La Forêt Noire and a hard struggle up to the Bastille

On Friday afternoon K and I went into town and had tea and Black Forest gateau at a lovely little cafe La Forêt Noire opposite the tourist information. (Beware of the music on their website). It was a cozy little place and the staff were very friendly.
Yesterday we walked up the hill to the Bastille. We were totally shamed by all the fit people running up and down the hill as we walked sweating up the beautifully wide paths. We treated ourselves to a drink at the Restaurant du Téléphérique and spent ages photographing the amazing view of Grenoble.
Today I caught the train back to Paris and then it was back to Cambridge. I got from Grenoble to Cambridge in 7 hours so I pretty pleased with myself and met up with Andy at the Fort St George for a catch up on what had been going on in Cambridge in my absence.

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