A very mild and reasonable January

Well it’s turning out to be a very mild and reasonable January. I’m spending the week in Rutland in celebration of this. I’m dividing my days between readings Adam’s novel and walking the three or so miles into Oakham. The evenings seem a perfect time for prancing about with my Kindle in its hot pink case trying to read News from Nowhere by William Morris so I can have a coherent and intelligent conversation with Clinton and Yuko about it. K is here working on his code and relaxing after a few months of cramming words onto pages in an attempt to get his masters thesis all done and dusted.

Barnsdale Hall Hotel is as always a very pleasant place to spend time and I never tire of the view of Rutland Water. After spending so long in a city you forget just how wonderful it is to be in the countryside with a view!

Christmas seems a dim and distant memory now but it was all very nice if somewhat cold. The tree has now disappeared from my house and the ornaments crammed into boxes which I will now proceed to move from cupboard to cupboard for the next eleven months trying to find the perfect home for them. Luckily the cupboards are still full of Christmas cake so that alone has helped get me through January. Now comes the build up for Valentine’s Day and I am attempting to find a venue for my ‘Not Valentine’s Day Valentine’s Party’ for everyone who is looking forward to the half price chocolates! As if that happens anymore! Bring back real sales and discounted chocolates I say!

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