The last half an hour of the day in St Peter

I think I’ve walked about ten miles today. We went up to Villa Borghese which is a large park surrounded by art galleries. We wanted to go in to the Galleria Borghese but you have to book up about a week in advance. You don’t have to book for the Galleria Nazionale d’arte moderna e contemporanea which has some lovely art and sculpture. The art ranges from nineteenth century to more modern pieces. I was particularly drawn to the the 20s and 30s stuff.
Back outside the sun seemed to have disappeared but we stuck to our plan of meandering through the gardens, on our way to find the lake we stumbled across Museo Carlo Bilotti which has a lovely Warhol picture of his wife and daughter.
The park was beautiful, lots of people but lots of space. We spent some time photographing some expert skaters who where showing off their skill to Madonna music. We walked back along the River Tiber, on the way home we stopped by St Peter’s Basilica and as the queues were non-existent we went in and got half an hour to wander around before the bell went for home time.

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