Schubert at Madingley Hall

Spring is finally sprung, the trees are in blossom and the t-shirts are out. In celebration of this Andres and I headed up to Madingley Hall to hear Schubert’s song cycle, Die Winterreise, brilliantly performed by Charbel Mattar and Martin Ennis. I guess they knew they might well be performing to a room of non-German speakers so to help they had thoughtfully produced a very helpful guide to take us through each song. It was just wonderful sitting there listening to Charbel Mattar sing, Martin Ennis play the piano and feel the warm breeze from the open window on our faces. I did feel kind of heartless as the poet wandered along frozen paths with a broken heart and I sat shamelessly enjoying the event.

On the way home we went footpath hunting and found a lovely little path from the American Cemetery to Coton and from there into Cambridge and the Barton Road. It turns out there here is actually a nice circular walk from Coton. You can find the details and more ideas for walks on Nothing like stretching your legs in the fields on a Sunday afternoon!

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