Newnham, Friday afternoon, blackberrying and Neil Morrissey

Oh such a perfect day! After just two hours of work (who wants to do more than that), Ellie and I tramped slowly to Trumpington via Grantchester and back again, via as many plum trees and blackberry bushes as we could find. Ellie took the blackberrying really quite seriously and managed to get a significant haul whereas I must confess I mostly sat on the field gates and stuffed my face with all the ones I picked. We were feeling particularly smug that we only had a few scratches and hadn’t been stung by any wasps and were consequently walking home talking loudly about these adventures when we came across a woman politely motioning us to be quieter! Why not we thought, game for anything! Curious though! Then walking past a small gathering of people, we discovered the slightly odd looking lemonade stall we’d noticed on the way out was in fact a film shoot! And who should we spot filming on that quiet corner in Newnham but Neil Morrissey. I was sure it was Neil Morrissey! Well I was sure it was someone famous! Or someone I worked with! Couldn’t be sure which if I’m honest! Then I get home and open the newspaper and what should I find but yes stories of him filming in all my favourite cafe locations – such as Hot Numbers and Fitzbillies. Well that’s just the sort of place Cambridge is darling! Film stars all over it. The other week it was George Clooney and Matt Damon using the gym that everyone from work goes to! Next week – who knows who we’ll see!

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