From pink cake to the Reeperbahn

After pink cake and raw fish inAmsterdam, we caught a train to Utrecht, where it rained and we failed to see the oldest coffee shop, the red light district or the wonderful hostel that Keyvan stayed in last time he was there which provided him with bed, free food and internet access all for 16 Euros a night!

We attempted to get night trains from Utrecht to Hamburg but failed and found ourselves stranded at Amstrad where we treated ourselves to a night at the only hotel still open. We made it to Hamburg by 12 noon yesterday in time to meet Lukas who had rather sweetly travelled up from Kassel to visit us. We spent a pleasant time wandering around Hamburg, visiting the Rathaus, Alter Elbtunnel and the docks before finding our hotel on the Reeperbahn (red light district). The hotel was surprisingly ok but it was the sort of place you found attractive young women on the stairs waiting for older men and their money. Hamburg is very tourist friendly – there are signposts everywhere and the tourist information is located in the main train station and provides the traveller with good colourful, tourist friendly maps.

We´re on our way to Copanhagan next to stay with a member of the Hospitality Club and visit Christiania.

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