Glaciers in Norway

Very pleased with myself as I have managed to put some photos on the gallery. Visit photo gallery for more photos.

I have discovered that the library in Arhus has the most wonderful internet access. If you come here be sure to get all your computer stuff done! I have decided to update my copy of the lonely planet (which by rights I should be boycotting anyway due to their somewhat green washed Burma version) as I travel round Europe. The ‘Planet’ is really quite rubbish when it comes to talking about free Internet and toilets and places that are dry and free. My new version will include all these essentials!

Must dash off to look at the Botanical Gardens before catching a night train to Munich. Keyvan is not impressed with how much time I want to spend on the Internet!

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  1. Ella Says:

    Wow! Beautiful photo…looks and sounds like you’re having a brilliant time! We’re following your progress, so keep us updated!
    Miss you loads xxx

  2. Suzi S Says:

    Lovely to hear from you! Missing you guys too! It has been a wonderful trip! More photos soon!

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