Raining hard

Back again so soon! I have access to free internet here at the Cab Inn Hotel opposite the Cathedral in Arhus. It is raining hard and looks like I won’t get a chance to swim in the sea unless I want to get very wet. I wanted to give the web address for the bike scheme: www.aarhusbycykel.dk

It is such a good idea – I’d love to set something like this up in Norwich. Think I’m going to talk to the council when I get home. The only problem would be the cycle tracks – they are very good here and practically non-existent in Norwich and they really make a big differece to cycling.

Other attractions in Arhus have been visiting the Den Gamle By (the old town) which is a museum of reconstructed houses complete with people in character to show howw lfe was in the good old days! We visited after 6pm because you can walk the streets for free, although it does mean you miss all the costumes and people.

Unfortunatly most museums are closed on Mondays so I think I will have to spend all day in the Cathedral avoiding getting too wet!

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