I’ve feeling all computery at the moment. I’ve been playing with my website and getting all enthusiastic about html again! Also gone as far as to the change the look of this blog! Keyvan has also been webbing it up with his anti-ads campaign. Check out his website for info on how to download ad removing code! I’ve got a couple more days of working this week then it’s off to London for the weekend. I went to Mundesley yesterday and looked at the sea – it was rather refreshing to get out of the city and to the coast but it felt like a long old drive. The sky was amazing; I drank hot chocolate on the beach and wished I’d remembered the camera. Beaches are always so deserted in winter, which is kind of odd because they’re nice all year round.
I’ve just discovered this amazing art programme so might have to go and play with it. I watched Big Blue earlier so I need cheering up!

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