Praed Street

Work has finished and the week whizzed by. Apart from work of course meeting up with Rumi to wander the streets near Paddington Station was the highlight. We drank tall glasses of hot chocolate and smoothies in the sweet little café half way down Star Street and after buying reduced but still delicious rolls from Bonne Bouche on Praed Street we mosed on down to a sweet little pub called the Victoria or something before walking the wet dark streets back to Marble Arch.

The best thing about Praed Street apart from Boone Bouche at 6pm is the fact that Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in a second story room overlooking the street.

Back in Norwich I am staunchly applying for jobs and trying not to lament the passing of summer school. I had a brilliant time. It really invigorated me and inspired me to try working with kids again.

I started the weekend off with listening to Armando Iannucci’s Charm Offensive and then drinking a glass of wine or two with my neighbour Ed. To my surprise the weather was lovely yesterday and so Keyvan and I jumped on a train to Sherringham. It’s a mere £3.95 return with a railcard. Unfortunately the tide appeared to be in and a pleasant walk from Sherringham to West Runton was hampered by having to climb over ugly coastal defences. A quick glance at the rather bleak and pitiful attempts at a cliff was enough to convince me that any type of coastal defence was unnecessary and allowing Norfolk to be slowly devoured by the sea is probably in everyone’s best interests.

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