Blood in Burma

Burma – what a nightmare. I can’t bear to think of the suffering that must be happening there as the military attack people. A grisly picture of a monk horrifically bruised and beaten floating face down in a river was to be found in the free papers of London today along with claims that thousands have been killed. I wouldn’t be surprised – the regime in Burma has been brutal and oppressive since the last uprising in the 80s.

On another note – don’t forget the anti war demo on the 8th. Unfortunately I’ll be sitting in an exam hall but I’ll be there in spirit. The Lancet estimate that 655 000 have died but I should imagine it’s much much higher than that – the ORB have estimated that 1 million have died. It’s disturbing that this bloody situation has been going on for six years, two countries have been devastated, untold suffering and death has been wreaked and yet we allow it to continue.

Umm yeah – that would be me! I’ve busy moving to London and working and haven’t done anything except pay the taxes that help to bankroll the war. It is good to work though and I do love my job and I guess the taxes help pay for the NHS until it’s privatised.

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