Wizzinipped and holidayish

I had a fantastic weekend. Went up to see my Granny and was fed wholesome stew and porridge. We then popped into Cambridge on the way to Norwich and had a look around Churchill, Trinity and Clare Colleges with Tim. We wizzinipped to Norwich so I could meet up with Will, Ella and Rich. We were disappointed to find that Wetherspoons no longer serve vegan burgers – their one saving grace has disappeared and I will no longer feel any need to frequent the establishment. It was however lovely to meet up and Weatherspoons failed to ruin it.
I spent the rest of the evening hanging out at the Arts Centre and being Joe’s groupie which was great. It was probably his last time with the band so it was good to see them. The band was superb and we all danced happily along half in love with Anna and her dancing partner.
Mum and I spent Sunday travelling around the countryside and visiting the Fitzwilliam museum in Cambridge. There is a pretty good art collection there.

It’s back at work this week and all sorts of exciting things are happening – Christmas parties and secret santas – so it really feels holidayish there!

I nipped into the Photographers Gallery earlier and there is an interesting exhibition there called Seeing is Believing – lots of pictures collected by Harry Price an enthusiastic investigator of the paranormal and mediums. The photographs are fasinating because they show fake ghosts, tables leaning suspiciously close to curtains, arms clearly raised close to levitating objects and other such gems. You might be interested Rob if you get a chance to come to London.

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  1. Ellie Says:

    Pretty good ……. I should say so even though we couldn’t see it all.

    sp. fascinating
    Lots of love Mum X X X

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