Walmart = death, destruction and all things bad

I have just finished watching a film called ‘What would Jesus buy’ featuring a rather eccentric activist Reverend Billy. The group he has set up has been campaigning about a variety of things but the film focuses on the anti consumerism message. Combined with the anti Walmart film I indulged in last night I am feeling in a ranty mood and am determined to boycot Asda/Walmart and in fact all unnecessary shopping. Although this is something I resolved to do years ago. I find that working and living in London is not really compatible with any sort of environmentally friendly life style. Apart from Chiswick and High Street Kensington I have not found any organic shops to buy food from. There is as always a shortage of fair trade and environmentally friendly clothing. Although it is now possible to buy some organic and fair trade products from supermarkets this only encourages us in their doors and makes us forget that what they represent is the opposite of the main beliefs behind the fair trade and organic movements. Unfortunately the place I live boasts only supermarkets so the options for food shopping is limited but having reminded myself about the fact that Walmart has it’s clothes made in sweatshops, refuses to allow employees in America to unionise, pays low wages and offers no benefits to most employees while raking in profits of billions – I find I have lost my appetite anyway.

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