Pink flamingoes in Slottsskogen

K and I walked into the centre of Gothenburg today. The weather was gorgeous and so the whole place looked lovely. We walked through Slottsskogen and saw pink flamingoes characteristically balancing on one leg. Slottsskogen is a lovely park that we’re going to have to take some time to explore. Today lots of people were out in it and really using it as a public space. One group had set up a rope between two trees and were using it to practice tightrope walking, others had their long boards out and there were plenty of children running about amid the cyclists wheels and walkers feet.

We walked all the way into the centre and stopped at a little cafe in Haga – the old part of the town – to share a plate of lunch. It was about 70 kroner (about £5.80) for a toasted sandwich, salad and coffee and that seems about standard for lunchtime prices in the city. There are a multitude of places to eat including lots of buffets. If shared the prices aren’t too bad for the budget conscious traveller. We found a Netto (cheapish supermarket) to buy some dinner and breakfast from. K couldn’t resist the call of meatballs for the former and yogurt to pour over muesli for the latter. Strangely enough the idea of meat mushed into a ball doesn’t get me weak at the knees but after K spent a whole evening yesterday constructing my bike I think I might cook them for him just to show willing! Food is not cheap in Sweden and seems a little more expensive that England so tomorrow we’re going to try and find Willy’s which is supposed to be the cheapest supermarket in Gothenburg.

It’s about 20.30 here and it’s just become dark. We’re about to go outside in a bit to test our new bikes if we get them ready in time. K has spend many happy hours putting them together and is just putting the finishing touches to them now. The nicest thing about flat packed bikes is they come with a little bottle of paint for touch up jobs and some rudimentary tools. K is so organized that he actually bought his bike tools with him anyway.

Apart from wandering into Gothenburg I’ve had a basic lesson in how to make spreadsheet today – accountancy jobs here I come.

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  1. Ellie Says:

    The bikes sound brilliant..and cheap……….and environmentally friendly……..and fun…and well, just perfect for scooting about on

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