Block Ads

I ventured onto Facebook yesterday for some spurious reason and was shocked at the number of adverts crowding up my page. As you all know I am not a fan of Facebook. I do not like such a huge data collection activity. I especially do not like it that people voluntarily assist in said huge date collection activity. I do not like the initial funding behind Facebook that made it so well known and well used. I do not like any of the attempts they make to sneak advertising into the whole caboodle. Nor do I like to see adverts on my Facebook page. I do not like the fact I even have a Facebook page but I like everyone else has been drawn in by the promises of keeping in touch with a whole host of people. I try never to use it and have attempted to disable everything except my email so people can really contact me.

I could rant on like this for a while but I will spare you. If you hate to see adverts on webpages then think about installing adblock plus on your computer. I am now using EasyList, EasyElement and EasyPrivacy and the web is now a much better place. If you are new to all this then you need to:
1. Install Mozilla FireFox (if you don’t have it already)
2. Install Adblock Plus
3. Add EasyList, EasyElement and EasyPrivacy to Adblock Plus (ABP)

There are alternatives for other browsers but I must confess I haven’t used them.

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