Israel bombs Gaza

A very pleasant Christmas spent with family and food. We’ve eaten, sampled the Swedish glögg and wandered the frosty forests and sheets trying to burn off the excess.
I was somewhat saddened today to learn that over the weekend Israel bombed Gaza and killed more than 280 people and injured many more. According to the NY times Israel has threatened to “deepen and broaden its actions as needed”. Indymedia comments that while most governments have condemned the attacks – the US and UK have refused to take such action. What a mess the whole thing is – how can a state justify attacking one of the poorest regions in the world?
What can I say? Well I guess I could quote Chomsky in an interview with Kaveh Afrasiabi.

“Israel certainly has a right to defend itself, but no state has the right to “defend” occupied territories. When the World Court condemned Israel’s “separation wall,” even a US Justice, Judge Buergenthal, declared that any part of it built to defend Israeli settlements is “ipso facto in violation of international humanitarian law,” because the settlements themselves are illegal.”

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