Catching up with Cambridge

I have been back in England now for over a week and I am still feeling a little out of my element. I caught up with Andy at the Maypole on Friday night and now have no illusions that it’s much cheaper to drink alcohol in England.

Yesterday I went into the centre and visited useful and exciting places such as the tourist information. The tourist info is a bit run down and depressing here and doesn’t not even supply tourists with free maps of the city – it’s probably easier to check them out online and print out a map of the city yourself.

I was fully intending to go and see if Cambridge Cycling Campaign had their stall outside the Guildhall yesterday but the morning slipped past me before I had a moment to grab it – so that’s a little job for next Saturday.

Of all of the heartwarming things this week my favourite is that Waitrose let you use bike trailers for free. I am definitely going to try it out and see if it’s as good as it sounds.

And all my internet search led my to a great environmental blog based in Cambridge.

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