Furse and White charm the audience at the Fitz

Mike and I walked along the waterlogged path to the FitzWilliam – I just can’t get enough of the place. I can get enough of this rain though. It’s been raining for about a week now and today the river was high and muddy. Parts of the river bank near the boat houses were flooded which added a touch of excitement to the walk. We got to the Fitz in time to hear Edward Furse and Craig White playing the cello and piano. They played some wonderful music by Dvorak and Chopin which made for divine listening. There is nothing as nice as to stand in Gallery 3 on a Sunday afternoon listening to the music and imagining the people in the portraits hearing it and what thoughts and feelings it would stir in them. Afterwards Mike and I sat on a bench discussing the problems of mass manipulation if in the hands of the mass media and the giant corporations – we felt like teenagers again – knowing all the answers!

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