Driving from London to Maisse

I’m having a few days off work in celebration of Spring finally coming. Last night after work I trained it down to London in time to meet Joe B and head off the the National Portrait Gallery for late night opening. We then ate a somewhat late breakfast at a little cafe in St Martins Lane and reminisced about old times. It was then off to West London to meet up withh K + family and we spent a happy few hours not sleeping and talking about packing before we choved everything in the car and drove through the night to be in time to catch the early train from Folkstone to Calais. Going through the tunnel turned out to be fine and not the terrifying nightmare I imagined! We drove up to Paris to pick up Kim before heading out to a Gîte in Maisse. The Gîte is an old mill that’s been renovated over the years and now provides a substantial living space. The gardens are large and we have our own little bridge over the mill pond. The pond is completed by a pair of mute swans. K’s family and friends are all gathering here for the Irainan New Year so tomorrow the place will be full and we won’t be rattling around in it anymore. We’ve already eaten a baggette with cheese and drunk a couple of glasses of red wine so now we’re really living the dream! Tomorrow – if we wake up at all – I intend to spend the whole day catching up with French bread and cheese.

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