Launchy it up

My beautiful new Sony laptop arrived on Monday morning. It’s a 14″ e series with a 500GB hard drive, 4GB of RAM and an i5 processor. It took me a good few minutes to depackage it because I was so worried I was going to break it – it’s pretty terrifying being left alone with something you’ve worked for 3 weeks to pay for! Despite this I would highly recommend it to anyone – not only is it aesthetically pleasing and the keyboard lovely to use but the spec is pretty good for the price. I’ve spent the week getting used to it and transferring everything over from my old laptop. The most exciting thing I’ve come across so far is the voice recognition – a programme I have spent many happy hours trying to convince of its ability to understand me. I’ll keep working on this. Tonight in celebration of finally accepting that the fantastic new thing is mine I’ve installed launchy on it and now it feels like home.

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