Arrival in France

It’s too hot to work so I’ve taken a week off and come to France – where it’s too hot to do anything. I arrived in Grenoble last night at about 9.40pm still wearing a t-shirt and wishing I was wearing something cooler. As usual the Eurostar was smooth and quick as was the train from the Gard de Lyon to Grenoble. The Metro was unbearably hot and everyone was sweating and rushing so it was a pleasure to jump on to the air conditioned train and nip across France. K had thoughtfully stocked up on French bread and his friend had kindly left some cheese here so I was able to get started on my food holiday immediately. Today it’s so hot – about 29° and I’m covered from head to toe in sun protection cream. We’re sitting in the garden outside Citadines where K is staying and it’s lovely in the shade. And now we’re just off to eat bread and cheese and try Chartreuse a drink made by French monks – only two of whom know the recipe apparently – this has led to a whole of hour of speculation about how they would pass it on if they were run over by a bus!

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