Get to the Sainte-Claire Les Halles early

We got up early this morning to go to Sainte-Claire Les Halles to buy some fruit and veg and of course bread and cheese. We muddled through with our lack of French and managed to actually come home with some food. There is a large fruit and veg stall to the left of the building and you simple take a basket and fill it up with nosh and then pay for it. Inside there are butchers, cheese shops, a bread stall and a wine stall. To the right of the building even more stalls. Shops close at different times on Sundays but several are open on Sunday morning so you have to get up fairly early to get to them before lunch.

We spent a very pleasant day relaxing and eating a long lunch in the garden. In the evening we went to Le 5 K’s favourite cafe/restaurant and treated ourselves to a desert and coffee milkshake while we installed a million and one things on my new computer. It was the first time in eight weeks I’d had desert but K managed to convince me that when in France you have to eat as much cake and bread as possible! If I come back huge then I’ll just blame him! The rest of the evening was spent in front of the fan sweating and eating spicy couscous and quaffing red wine.

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