Sheltered Grenoble baking in the summer sun

I’m sitting in K’s room by the window and it’s very pleasant. Over the yellow walls and slate roofs I can see tops of mountains peeping over. There is the slightest of breezes but the fan is working overtime to keep me cool. It roars away in the background and covers the noises of the city. On the floor someone has spilt some water and it glistens like a puddle of magic. I’ve been out to buy olive bread from a bakery on the Place de l’Etoile and the sun is baking the city already. The mountains keep the heat inside the city and shelter it from the winds which I imagine is wonderful in winter but not so refreshing in summer.

K is lucky to be staying at Citadines now because it is between the Parc Paul Mistral with the Perret tower standing in the centre and the Place de Verdun the C19th administrative centre of the city. It’s an ideal location for popping into the city and it’s on a road of useful shops of all kinds. As it’s so close to everything I have no excuse for not walking into the centre and today despite the heat I think I’ll try and go to the Musée Dauphinois which is part way up the Bastille Hill in the former convent of Ste-Marie-d’en-Haut.

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