Your words: other objects

In the dark of the Judith E Wilson Drama Studio tens of tiny balloons, with minute funeral hearses attached as baskets, float silently above your heads. The room is also completely black except for a single bulb. That is how Christian Braime wants you to see it. It forces you to wander underneath them catching a different angles and laying down a myraid of images in your head. While the installation is in many ways about death it has an optimistic and playful feel about it. I’m definitely looking forward to his next exhibition.

And why was I in the drama studio? Ah well, for a poetry workshop – Your words: other objects – run by Dr Jane Monson. (You can buy her book – Speaking without tongues from Cinnamon Press.) I don’t much like having to write from the perspective of an object but I have to say at the end of the two hours I was really starting to see the merits of it. Much like science fiction it allows you to step away from the ordinary, the expected, the self and the real and explore instead areas you would not normally venture into.

After the workshop we were all invited to stay for some drama. In a one-man show, Ollie Evans, gave a wonderfully intense performance. To get an idea of the sort of thing he does you can see some of his work here. His paper The Chomedy is coming out soon.

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