Object Writing

I have to say Richard H’s Object Writing group is fab. Last night seven of us gathered in the Arts Picture House cafe to write. Lots of great activities from word association games, reading and rewriting fairy stories and of course the traditional writing about an object. I really liked the activity where we told each other stories in pairs then had to use something from what we were told in our own rewriting. All the writing activities are ten minutes long which is a great length of time for getting something on paper but without the pressure of worrying if it’s a masterpiece. It certainly limbers you up and gets the creative juices flowing. Normally we only share stuff in the cozy confines of the group but to give you an idea of what sort of prose gets produced here is one of the things I wrote last night…

Jessica Rabbit has lost her car.
It is somewhere in a multi-storey car-park in Norwich.
Not only has she lost her car but also her car keys, her pink lipstick and her favourite hairband.
Jessica Rabbit is very sad.
To make matters worse, she has shrunk.
She is now so tiny that if she found her car she wouldn’t be able to drive it. She wouldn’t even be able to open the door.
She is so small that if she managed to get inside she’d be able to stand under the clutch or the brake pedal and still have room above her head.
Not that she can of course get into her car because she has lost her car keys. They are somewhere with a pink lipstick and a hairband. They are somewhere but they are not here.
How did all this come to pass?
Jessica Rabbit is not sure. She is fairly certain that this Monday morning started out like any other but where it all went wrong is a mystery. It might have been the horrid pressure of the sales. So many people crushed into so many shops, all so desperate for the bargain of the year that they push and trample one another. Or perhaps, just perhaps, it was something you did… yes YOU…feeling guilty are you? What did you do to Jessica Rabbit? Did you shrink her? Why? Why did you shrink Jessica Rabbit? Why would you do that?
Jessica Rabbit is very sad and to top it all off she’s lost her car. It’s somewhere in a multi-storey car-park in Norwich.

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